Spit Shading Alternative Tattoo Flash Tutorial

Here I show you an alternative method to using the traditional spit shading technique when painting tattoo flash using a water brush pen.

I find this brush to use is also a nice change from keep putting the brush in your mouth and think some people might prefer this and also find this method a bit easier. However i do still feel like i have more control using a regular brush but this works perfect for medium size areas.

I added some packs to my Amazon store if you wanted to give them a go.

I currently only have the medium size but think i might give the other two sizes they do a go.

Spider Skull Charcoal Realism Drawing

This is a time lapse video of a Spider skull drawing i did in charcoal. I also did a brief commentary over the top to help give you better understanding of how it came together and also some tips. Think the voice over makes the time lapse videos a bit more interesting and maybe you’ll pick up on something you wouldn’t of thought of if you had just watched the video. I also know sometimes think just watching a time lapse can get a little boring and do sometimes skip through them myself, i think the voice over helps towards providing better more and engaging content.

FW Acrylic Ink Tattoo Flash Watercolour Illustration Tutorial

Here I show you how i like to incorporate FW acrylics into my paintings. They work really well as a base coat as they are bold and water resistant. I also show you a really cool technique you can apply to your paintings.

I love painting skulls using this method. The full range of colours and materials i used to paint the skull are listed below also some of my favourite colours:

Winsor & Newton Black Indian Ink
Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Artists Ink Flame Red
Eocline Deep Yellow
Ecoline Red Violet
Daler Rowney Langton Prestige 140lb Watercolour Paper (Not) Cold Press
Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker Black
Faber-Castell PITT artist Pen Black (size M)

These Paints and Materials are available through my Amazon Art Supplies Shop It won’t cost you an extra penny and by ordering your art supplies from there you help support what I’m doing, Thanks!

How I Paint Faces/Skin Tones Watercolour Inks Tattoo Flash Illustration

Hey, I put together a little tutorial on how i go about painting faces and skin tones.

Here is there finished result:

Painting faces Website

I decide to name her Lucy, a lost soul gazing into what the future my might have in store for her.

Here is a list of all the colours i used:

Winsor & Newton black indian ink
Dr.Ph.Martin’s Saddle Brown 13a
Dr.Ph.Martin’s Mahogany 27b
Dr.Ph.Martin’s April Green 23b
Dr.Ph.Martin’s Black 14a
Dr.Ph.Martin’s True Blue 9a
Dr.Ph.Martin’s Amber Yellow 16b
Dr.Ph.Martin’s Moss Rose 7a
Ecoline donkere Oker

I think faces are my favourite thing to paint, love creating moods and drawing people. I find them so interesting and easy to relate to. I would normally add a background to the painting as i feel it looks a little lost with nothing behind it, but I wanted to keep it simple and keep to the point of just painting faces. I use the exact same technique for painting any other body parts such as hands or a torso.

I learned about the colours saddle brown and mahogany from a tattooist named Gary Dunn his name on instagram is @daggerface. He Does really cool stuff and awesome paintings, worth checking out if you like this style of stuff. There is other colours I like to use but i think these work for somewhat of a ‘natural’ look. I’ll save those colours for another video on dead people and zombies, they are always fun to draw and paint.

I also filmed a time-lapse of the painting so you can see the full process. It is a little fast passed but  I think if I did it any longer you would lose attention and may become a little boring to watch all the way through.


Wirral’s Arts and Mind festival

My piece “Can You Feel?” is on display at Williamson Art Gallery and Museum in Birkenhead for the Arts and Minds festival until 19th October. Today had quite a lot going on including live music, poetry and many groups working with mental health. The Art exhibition for the Arts and Mind festival is only small but has some interesting pieces and was i happy to participate as i think my art fits the theme quite well, i didn’t realise that what i wrote in my application form would be presented at the side of my work. If i knew this i would of wrote something different explaining my piece.



Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival

Launch of the Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival 2014. My piece “Trapped” is at Warrington Museum & Art Galley along side a great variety of work until 1st November. It was a nice surprise to see it at the side of Anthony Barrow’s work, one year ago i attended some of his mixed media classes and actually did my first charcoal drawing in one of them. See more of his work at www.anthonybarrow.co.uk he’s also a nice character to be around. If you’re in the area have a look at everything else that is going on around Warrington during the arts festival.


Can You Feel?

My Piece for Wirral’s arts and mind festival that coincides with World Mental Health Day. The hand is based on my own with words by Bret Easton Ellis from his novel “American Psycho”. The exhibition will take place at; The Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, Slatey Road Birkenhead CH43 4UE and will be open to the public on Friday 10th October and will finish on Sunday 19th October 2014.